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LKthuyluc Van dien tu Micropump SanphamOEM
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Building a 4S culture of "Speed - Sustainability - Smart - Successor" towards a sustainable and long-term growth

   Takako Vietnam was established in 2003 in line with the Takako strategy to meet the increasingly diverse demand of customers. With the vision of “Offering customers the highest satisfaction, as a member of Takako Group”, from Vietnam we supply our customers with products of the same quality as those in Japan in terms of QCD.

   Takako Vietnam has identified the values that we want to cherish and we aim at fulfilling our three missions:
   1. To provide customers with products from Vietnam with Japanese quality in
       a timely manner
   2. To contribute actively to the global growth strategy of Takako Group
   3. To enhance employees ability and provide them a safer healthful workplace

   To accomplish these three missions, we build a corporate 4S culture of "Speed - Sustainability - Smart - Successor". That means speedy (Speed) but sustainable (Sustainability), astute and flexible (Smart) organization. At the same time, our top priority is to build a team of successors (Successor) for sustainable development.

   Takako Vietnam strives to become the leading precision manufacturer with competitiveness recognised not only in Vietnam, but also in the world, guaranteeing our value to all stake-holders.